Vacations are going to start. Kids will be at home. Tried something innovative for my kid … HOMEMADE FERRERO ROCHER TRUFFLES . They came out so gud. My son didn’t even guess that it’s homemade 😜



100 gms dark chocolate, 25 ml heavy cream, 20 gms salted butter, 12-14 toasted macadamian nuts, 4-5 tbsp coarsed cornflakes, 4-5 tbsp toasted coarsed hazelnuts, 100 gms milk chocolate.



Firstly melt butter and cream together on gas stove and then add chopped dark chocolate. Mix well till smooth consistency. For microwave, add all the ingredients together and melt till smooth consistency. Now refrigerate the mix for 30 minutes. 


After 30 minutes take the mix out of the refrigerator and divide the paste into 12-14 equal portions. Make a ball and press in between. Put one hazel or macadamian nut and roll again into a ball. Repeat the same process for all portions.

  Now roll the balls in coarsed cornflakes and refrigerate for again 30 minutes.

By the time melt milk chocolate in a bowl and take coarsed hazelnuts in another bowl. 


Now take out the corn flakes truffles from the fridge. 


 Take one ball and dip it in melted milk chocolate and immediately roll in hazelnuts. Again dip it in melted milk chocolate and keep it on aluminium foil. Repeat the process for all balls. This is quite messy but lick all the chocolates at the end 😜. Now refrigerate all the truffles for an hour till set.

Enjoy with your family 😍

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