Hi all☺

Recently went to MAHABALESHWAR for family trip along with some friends too. As we all know, this area is famous for strawberries and Mapro including some points too, so visited all the places and our kids enjoyed a lot.

Got many jars of crushes and syrups from Mapro which I’ll be using in my RECIPIES and along those got some fresh cherries in bulk. Few I kept in freezer to garnish desserts throughout the year and about of 1 kg I prepared cherry jam. I don’t like cherries so much but after chocolate glaze it tastes yum😊(as I garnished on caramel  croissants pudding). And of course jam is delicious. You can use this as jam between pancakes, bread or chappati or heating a bit will make it cherry crush which you can use on ice-cream tops. VANILLA ICE-CREAM WITH HOT CHERRY CRUSH. Last but not the least, you can refrigerate this jam and use for one year.

download (29)

Have a look on a RECIPE:

This recipe yield 500 gms of jam.


1 kg cherries (deseeded)

1+1/2 cups granulated sugar

4 tbsp lemon juice


download (30)

Take deseeded cherries in a saucepan and start mashing on gas stove over medium flame.

download (31)

Once the juices start releasing from cherries, add lemon juice. Keep on mashing with a masher. If you don’t have masher just blent for a second in mixer. Once or twice.

download (32)

Now as the cherries become lil tender, add sugar and let it cook on medium heat.

download (28)

As you can see in the pic, the consistency should be of 1 string at the end while storing in jar.

download (26)

While cooking on stove, it starts leaving the sides. As soon as it happens, just take some jam and spread on a plate. Let it cool for seconds and then touch with your finger to test the string consistency.

download (27)

The whole process on stove takes about 20 minutes approx to be done.

Cool and store the jam in a glass jarwith tight lid. Use and enjoy 😃.


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