Hi friends😄,

Yesterday I posted mangrail and ajwain mathri. Today I made METHI MATHRI😋.

This recipe yields 20-25 mathris.


2 cups APF or maida
1/2 cup ghee
3/4th cup kastoori methi or dried methi leaves

4 tsp chilli flakes (you can modify this according to your taste buds)

1 tsp ajwain or aniseed
1+1/2 tsp salt
1/4th cup of water
Oil for frying ( I have used saffola total )
Take APF, salt, aniseeds, dry methi leaves, chilli flakes and ghee in a bowl. Rub them till you are able to make soli lumps with your hand.
Now don’t pour water. Just sprinkle only as much till you get dough type consistency.
Make two large balls of the dough. Roll them to 3-4 cm thick. Cut them with cookie cutter and don’t forget to make slits in the middle with a knife. Make 3-4 slits.
Heat oil in a skillet. As soon as the oil gets heated, minimize the flame and add the mathris. All should be deep fried. So manage the frying in batches.
As they are thick, so fry them on lowest flame. But when you add the next batch in kadhai, heat oil and then minimize the flame and then add the mathris. Repeat the same for all.
Transfer the fried ones on butter paper. Once cooled down, transfer them to airtight container.
Enjoy this namkeen with sweetie dishes.
Keep cooking😊 

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