Hi all🙋🏻,

As I have mentioned earlier.. I make cream cheese at home .. It’s super easy and indeed better than those expensive store bought stuffs. My son is crazy for oreos😄. So thought to make OREO CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE this time.. Immensely exquisite flavour of chocolate with crunchy base of oreos. I have made the mini versions in cup cake liners. You can of course opt for the bigger ones in spring form pan.This one is eggless and non baked cheese cake and very quick to make. 

Let’s dig the recipe now.

It yields 18-20 mini cakes.



750 ml of full cream milk

200 ml of fresh cream .. I have used amul

Few pinches of citric acid or few drops of vinegar

2 tbsp of sour curd


Boil milk with cream. After getting a boil switch off the flame. Add citric acid till your milk curdles and whey is separated. You can use whey in kneading dough. It has high protein content.

Strain the cheese through a strainer and keep on a glass or jug in hanging position for overnight in refrigerator.

Now take your grinder jar. Add cheese and curd. Grind till mixed. You can see that it is same as store bought cheese. READY TO USE.




18-20 oreos lined in cupcake liners

Cream cheese u got from d rec above

3/4 cup ganache

1 cup whipped cream

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

Few choco chips for garnish 

Chocolate sauce for garnish


In a bowl add the cream cheese. Add sugar, vanilla essence and mix well. Now add ganache. Mix it well too.


Whip your cream well till stiff consistency and then fold into the cheese mix.


Now take a piping bag. Take the cheese filling into it and pipe the oreo liners well with the filling. Do the same for all and let it set in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. When serving, just sprinkle few chocolate chips and pour chocolate sauce.

Take out your cheesecake from refrigerator half an hour before serving. They should be chilled but soft while eating.

Now it’s your turn 😄


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