Hey all!!😄A new buy for my kitchen☺️!!!

CHARCOAL TANDOOR😍😍.. My sister n law uses to do barbecue whenever we visit her place for dinner. Undoubtedly it is fantastic way of cooking but the very best part is the chit chat we do along grilling which brings the family together recalling tradition. 

Still I was not willing to buy as I have OTG in my kitchen already. But my hubby was after this and finally I bought this online. Yeah taste is different of course. That charcoal effect and smoky flavour is intense and has added loads of flavours in my grilled eateries.
As soon as I got this, got pomfrets for TANDOORI POMFRETS as fish takes very less time for marination. I did very simple and quick marination.
So let’s come to the recipe:
2 Pomfrets
1/2 cup thick curd
2+1/2 tbsp tandoori masala
Pinch of turmeric
Salt ( be careful about salt if using butter. Also sea-foods are naturally salted for some extent)
Butter for brushing while grilling
1 tsp each of ginger garlic paste
1/2 tsp of red kashmiri mirch powder to give colour without making it too hot and spicy

Except butter mix all the above ingredients in a bowl and set it aside.

Make 3-4 vertical slits on fish with a sharp knife. Now stuff your prepared masala on both the sides by rubbing your hands on fish. Do this nicely and coat the fish evenly. Store 2 tsp masala for brushing on fish while grilling.
As your tandoor is ready, place your fishes on the still frame and let it cook. Keep on brushing with melted butter and the remaining masala. It requires hardly 4-5 minutes of grilling in one side. But all depends on the temperature below. So let the coal burn evenly and then start grilling. Flip the side and repeat brushing with butter and masala as you did for the first side.
Now one thing I would suggest you to not do the overcooking. It ruins the taste. You can see the fish seems flaky which means it is done. If you want more crunchiness on the outer layer then leave 2-3 minutes extra but not more than that. I did in 10 minutes and for slightly red crunchy skin added 2 minutes extra for each side in grilling. I like nom nom.
Served with green chutney, mustard and honey salad dressing including onion tomato salad. Mustard and honey salad dressing is just like mayonnaise and best compliment with any sort of fish. Give it a try.. U won’t regret. So healthy source of protein and tummy full dinner.
Husband said.. MAZA AA GYA😄
Many many many more to grill and share with you all😄 so I ‘ll be cooking and you too… KEEP COOKING😍😍

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