Hi all🙋🏻,

How are you guys??😄 I am suffering from MANGO MAANIA.. As told in my prior post😛.

As mousse has become very common these days, due to its eggless version. But traditionally mousse are made from eggs only. But it’s gud.. A sort of MOUSSE EVOLUTION☺️.

Recipe of eggless mousse is very very simple. Just whip the whipping cream and fold with the mango puree into it.

But the important thing in this recipe is the HOMEMADE WHIPPED CREAM!!! Yep😄.. It is so gud that you can cover your cakes with it too if going only with essence. If using fruit pulp, it will become thin and no peaks you’ll get.

This recipe yields 10 mousse shots.




1 cup full cream milk at room temperature

10 grams gelatine

1/4 cup normal water

1/4 cup icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence… But for this mousse, I have omitted essence because mango has its own flavour. But if going with some particular flavour use the relevant essence. As making butterscotch icing, use butterscotch essence.


1 cup whipping cream

1/2 cup thick chilled mango pulp

Few frozen cherries for embellishment



Add 10 gms of gelatine in water. Let it soak. Heat until melted.

Take 1 cup full cream milk in a bowl. Add the gelatine mix. Stir well. Add icing sugar nd essence if required as I have mentioned above.

Chill for only 30 minutes otherwise it will become milk jelly. Just chill nd whip. Use accordingly.


Add chilled mango pulp into the whipped cream and fold well.

Let it chill for an hour. Now pipe the mousse in shots glasses and garnish with frozen cherries.

Scoop and slurp!!!!


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  1. Tempting.. Superb

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    1. Tq so much😘😘

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  2. Saroj mantry says:

    You are always superb

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    1. Tqsm saroj❤️😘


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