Hi all🙋🏻,

Mmmmmm!!!! Seriously… The name makes me feel drooling😌😋.

CHICKEN BUTTER MASALA or MURGH MAKHANI.. With naan or kulche.. Nothing required more. It’s very common dish which we order in restaurant for random meals but it’s very easy peasy to make it at home too.. Don’t believe me?? Come on.. Let’s make together😄☺️. This is very jhatpat recipe too. Let me clear one thing. This recipe is made out with boneless chicken but I have used normal broiler chicken with bone because I don’t like boneless pieces🙂. 

This recipe can be served to 2 greedy tummies or 4 persons normally😛😛.


1/2 kg boneless chicken, especially the softer ones near the breast.


1″ chopped ginger

4 green chillies

1 large diced onion

1 tbsp cumin seeds

20 cashews

2 tbsp kashmiri chilli powder

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp garam masala 

Ghee or clarified butter to cook

Few onion rings and coriander sprig to garnish


Rub salt all over the chicken pieces and keep it covered aside for 20 minutes.

Next prepare the cashew paste. Take cashew, onion, chillies, ginger and cumin seeds in a grinder jar. By adding some water, make a fine paste of it.

Now add ghee in a non stick skillet or kadhai. Add chicken pieces and keep on flipping the sides until slightly brown.

Now add the cashew paste and mix well. Add salt too according the requirement. Cover and cook until done.

When you see the flakes of the flesh are seen, add chilli powder, sugar and garam masala. Mix all well and switch off the flame.

I enjoyed my butter chicken with malabari parotha😋.

Now it’s your turn.

And last but not the least…. In the same masala you can prepare panner butter masala too😄.

Don’t worry.. Next recipe to be posted .. PANEER BUTTER MASALA.. PINKY PROMISE🤘.

Till then…


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  1. Aradhana Jha says:

    Awesome recipe.. Couldn’t resist trying..


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