Hi all🙋🏻,

As you all know, kalonji is a stuffed brinjal dish cooked on low flame but this recipe is so effortless without any stuffing process but still you will get masala inside and outside equally.

Actually this is my eldest sister’s recipe. Only the coriander I have added from my side.

I am very sorry to say that no pic I have uploaded in this blog of the procedure in between because I was not at all in my mind to post this. But as it was done completely, the colour and structure compelled me to blog it.

Let’s get to the recipe which can serve 5-6 persons.


500 gms small brinjals.. But you can take any of your choice. Just give slits from all sides but keep the root intact. 

3 tbsp oil to fry brinjals.. Have used mustard oil

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

5 tbsp black mustard seeds

1 medium sized diced onions

8-10 garlic cloves

1 large tomatoes 

Handfull of coriander leaves.. Optional

1 tbsp bedgi mirch powder

5 tbsp oil.. Have used mustard oil


1/2 cup water


Take a skillet and heat oil to fry brinjals. As the oil gets heated, add turmeric powder. Let it get slightly brown.. Very slight.

Now add brinjals and salt. Keep on turning the sides while frying until they get golden brown. Take them out and keep aside.

By the time brinjals are getting fried, grind onion, garlic, tomato, mustard seeds and coriander leaves until smooth fine paste. 

Add oil in the same skillet in which you have fried the brinjals. As it gets heated, add the masala paste. Add bedgi mirch powder and fry until oil starts leaving the sides. Add water and fried brinjals. Add salt. Now cover and cook until done. It takes hardly 3-4 minutes to cook completely.

Enjoy with chapati or rice!!


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