Hi all🙋🏻,

As we all know it’s orange ka season so orange sutra is waving this season🤗.

Tried marmalade and it has came out so delicious 😋. Try this recipe with equal ratio of oranges:sugar:water with added 2 medium sized lemons for 1 kg of orange. That’s it.

It’s not rocket science. Only you have to keep eye on temperature and its consistency.

I have prepared marmalade from 3 kgs of oranges to enjoy throughout the year🤗. But posting the recipe for a kg. So will mention all the ingredients accordingly.

Let’s go through the recipe:


1 kg washed, cleaned and wiped orange.. Cut in halves.

1 lt water

1 kg sugar

2 medium sized lemons


Scoop out flesh of oranges and take the juice out in a jar. I used my juicer for this. Squeeze only juice of lemons and add into the orange juice. Transfer the juice into a heavy bottomed vessel and add a ltr of water.

Now transfer the pulp (extract that you have got after taking the juice out) and pips (seeds)in a muslin cloth. I have used my paneer making cotton cloth for this.

Now scrape the pith (white thread part under the peel)with a help of spoon. It has pectin which helps in giving the right consistency to the jam. It has also high content of vitamin c too. Add this to the pulp and pips. Now tie the cloth tightly and keep it aside. I just tore the thread from the same cloth and tied very very tightly.

Now take the peel (outer orange part) and slice in elongated form. Add this into the lemon orange juice.

Now a vessel is ready with water, lemon and orange juice with added peel. Place the tied muslin cloth in the vessel.

Switch on the flame of your gas stove at high and place the vessel. After a boil, switch the flame to medium low and let it boil for 2-2.5 hrs or until it has come to half of its original quantity. I watched a full movie in this time span😍.

Switch off the flame and let it cool completely.

Take the muslin cloth out and squeeze all the juice by pressing with your palms as much as possible. Discard the cloth out. Pulp, pips and pith have contributed their roles so these are out of the scene now.

Add a kg of sugar into the cooked juice and place the vessel at high flame on your gas stove. Let it come to boil. Switch the flame at medium high. But be near the stove otherwise it will spill out of the vessel. Keep on stirring and switching the flame high to low and vice versa as required. This takes around 25-30 minutes. By the time keep a plate in freezer.

Now there are two ways to test that the marmalade is ready or not.

  • Take a candy thermometer and dip into the vessel. When the temperature comes to 105° C, it’s done. 


  • Take the plate out from the freezer. Drop a spoon of syrup from the vessel on it. Wait for a minute. If it is stable and does not flow from its place, it’s done. If it flows, boil for some more minutes.

So you can opt for any test and judge🤗.

Once done, switch off the flame and let it cool completely. I used very clean sugar so I didn’t get scum on top. But if you get, just  wait for 10 minutes after switching off the flame and take the scum out from the top of the vessel with a help of spoon.

After the marmalade cools down completely, take a hot sterile jar and transfer the marmalade into it. Wipe the spilled marmalade from the opening of the jar. Take the hot and sterile lid and close the jar tightly.

Store in a cool and dark cupboard and enjoy throughout the year.


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