Hi all🙋🏻,

DORACAKE or DORAYAKI is a famous pancake of Japan.

This pancake is totally associated with the cartoon character DORAEMON😁.. of which our kids are ardent fans. My son was after me with gun to make this for his tiffin😂. Today I made this for his lunch break. His face just lit up seeing these ☺️.

In the cartoon, Doraemon is a character of an alien cat with no ears and having infinite super powers with magical equipments. He is just crazy for these pancakes.

DORAYAKI which he relishes in the cartoon series is sandwiched with red bean paste. But I just filled between choco spread. You can opt for any jams or spread which your kids like.

To give the even golden brown effect, there's a technique of greasing and rubbing your pan before ladling your cake batter.

For detailed recipe or orders or classes, mail me on my email id… You can watts app me too at +91 96732 00855.


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