Hi all🙋🏻,

Now this is truly healthy and delicious treat too.. Totally gluten free. Yes heard right☺️. No flour has been used and you can make it sugar free too by using stevia and honey or only stevia which will be relishable for diabetics too… Of course if you remove the icing.

Black beans aka turtle beans have been used instead of APF or maida. So get ready guys to indulge yourself in healthy, nutricious and delicious cake.

A very deliciousbite indeed🍰!!!

Fondant roses I did for the first time!!! Yayyy .. I think many more practices required. But this much is quite cool enough for kindergarten cook☺️

I remember in my childhood, my father used to bring cakes from KATHLEEN CONFECTIONERS in Kolkata. One of them was my favourite.. The chocolate one!!! Same nutty taste I got in this cake😋.

Recipe is very easy. About icing you can be very simple and choose ganache or whipped cream one. Although I did chocolate flavoured whipped cream and chocolate glaze to wrap around.

For detailed recipe or orders or classes, mail me on my email id… You can watts app me too at +91 96732 00855.


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  1. wow.. looks so inviting

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    1. U r invited ruchi… Come😄.. Tq dear😘😘

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      1. Really I wish can fly and reach there to have a big slice 🙂 🙂

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  2. garima says:

    Wow .. this sounds intresting.. I am gonna try this soon ..

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    1. Tqsm … Surely… Combination of black beans nd chocolate… A blissful taste😋👍🏻


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