Hi all🙋🏻,

Are you all ready for the richest, decadent, scrumptious, fully loaded with rich dark chocolate dessert?? 😄

Then get ready with the below mentioned 5 ingredients… Easily and anytime available in your kitchen🤗. Easiest dessert to make and surpriseyour guests as I have done the same for my guests today. As I said.. Easier to make but you have to keep patience to relish upon because it takes 24 hrs or atleast 6-7 hrs to set or chilled out and then served either chilled or at room temperature. That's the only hardwork you have to do for this😛.

Terrine is actually a French savoury meat loaf loaded with much more coarse ingredients and loaded with pork and fats. But this is the dessert edition😋😋.

For detailed recipe or orders or classes, mail me on my email id… You can watts app me too at +91 96732 00855.


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  1. Looks terrific… Great post

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    1. Tx so much ruchi😍😍

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