GURER SONDESH… jaggery milkcake

Hi all.. 🙋🏻

Maximum of you knows about sondesh.. a very much famous sweet of Bengal available at every first counter of sweet shop.As I have said earlier too… being bornand brought up in Kolkata.. am jabra fan of Bengali sweets🤣😋.

It’s very very very easy to make this at home and of course veryyyyyy easy to relish. Believe me.. you can’t stop at one.Made up of very less ingredients which sums up to give a great amount of taste. Sondesh are very high in protein and very convenient to keep in tiffins. I always try to atleast store a small batch of it in my kitchen shelf. They are often made in 2 types of paag (Sugar consistency). Eithernorom (soft) or Kora (hard) paag. I prefer norom paag. Same with jaggery too.Below is the recipe which yields 20 gurer sondesh.



2 ltrs full cream milk

Few pinches of citric acid

60 gms jaggery… but you can go for 80 gms max if you have very sweet tooth. I prefer milder

3/4 cup water

1tsp green cardamom powder

1 tsp of rose essence

few rose petals to garnish


Take a heavy bottom vessel. Add milk and give it one boil. Switch off the flame. Let it rest for 2 minutes. Now add citric acid in pinches till the milk curdles and whey separates. Strain the chenna in a colander. You can store the whey to add in wheat flour to make a super soft chapaties or use as a gravy for vegetables. Leave the chenna aside for 20 minutes. It should be not more than that otherwise your sondesh will become crumbly.

By the time.. add water and jaggery in a saucepan. Boil until jaggery melts and make thick syrup and please note that no strings required.

After 20 minutes add chenna in a mixer jar. Add jaggery syrup. Blend to a very fine paste.Heat a non stick pan. Add the chenna mix into it. Keep on stirring until you get a dough like consistency. It takes hardly 5-6 minutes. Now switch off the flame.

Tansfer the prepared chenna and jaggery mix into the blender again. Add rose essence and cardamom powder. Give 3-4 pulses. Let it get cooled completely.

Divide the dough into 20 small balls. Apply some oil on your palm and make a ball. Press a bit and keep it on a plate. Repeat with the remainings. Garnish with rose petals. Sondesh is ready☺.

I would suggest to have sondesh always at room temperature. Though you store it in refrigerator, take it out half an hour before serving.You can store sondesh maximum for 2-3 days. After that it loses moisture and becomes hard.


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