Hi all🙋🏻,

A very famous, prominent, delicious, sinful, sinky… I don’t know how much adjectives are there for this heavenly dessert… GULABJAMUN!!! I have named it Gappu.. Coz my son named it so☺️.

I have posted the recipe of Gulabjamun prior too. But this one is made with another method so reposting it. Actually there is a story behind it. Whenever I used to visit my Jethani’s (Sister in law) place, my son gobbled her Gulabjamuns like anything as she is very fond of making this sweet on any occasion and so this delicacy is always present in her fridge. My gulabjamuns were never being gobbled like this by my son😕. Finally I called up my jethani this morning and took the recipe.

I was not intended to post this recipe initially so have only a pic of its procedure.

So here is the same which yields 24 medium sized gulabjamuns.



Mawa of 1 ltr full cream milk.. Mawa shoud not be very dry. Little bit of milk residues should be there.

1 gits packet of gulabjamun mix

2.5 tbsp APF or maida

Oil or ghee for deep frying

600 gms sugar

1 glass water.. Water should be an inch high from the sugar level

1/2 tsp of green cardamom powder


First of all take sugar and water in a wide vessel. Place it on high flame. Let it boil. Add cardamom powder. Now thicken it only till it becomes sticky. No string required. Just take a drop and rub between your thumb and next finger. When it’s sticky, switch off the flame. It took me hardly around 7-8 minutes to prepare the chashni.

Now add maida in khoya and mix well.

Add gits and incorporate all well until you get evenly smooth balls. Make the roundels between your palms. Here you can make all in one shot and cover with wet muslin cloth so that they don’t get dry. What I did, is made 8 balls and fried them. While frying prepared the next batch of another 8 balls. Opt any as per your convenience.

Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel. Add a grain of the dough. If it comes immediately at the level of oil, it means the oil is heated. But don’t overheat. It should be only heated.

Add 8 balls in one batch and swith the flame to lowest. I just placed one extra burner flame on the main frame so that the jamuns get cooked completely. Keep on stirring the balls and fry them evenly.

When they are golden brown in colour, take them out and soak them immediately in sugar syrup. Repeat the same with others.

Let the jamuns be soaked in syrup for 2-3 hours.

Now enjoy them hot or cold. As you wish😋😋!!!


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  1. Sumith says:

    Beautiful share! One of my favourates.

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