Hi all🙋🏻, This is seriously very shahi dessert of our country. Today is sunday and I made these Royal Pieces for few guests coming this afternoon.Actually you cannot count calories while relishing this dish but still can count few less calories to pretend😜. Traditionally the whole dish is proceeded out in a very long way….

HOMEMADE FONDANT (classic method)

Hi all🙋🏻, 201729 Made much logs of homemade fondant with marshmallows.. This is classic and old method to roll fondant at home. This  recipe will yield 500-600 gms of fondant. RECIPE: INGREDIENTS: 1/2 tbsp gelatine  1/8 cup water* 1/4 cup glucose* 1/2 tbsp glycerine 1 tbsp butter.. I have used salted one 4 cups icing…