BAKED RASGULLA… a trip to heaven

Hi all🙋🏻‍♀️,

Now this is totally a final evolution of our much nom nom dessert.. ROSHOGULLA👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

Really wants to thank the evolutionary person for this🙏🏻. A bite will make you stunned and muted for a while😑. You will feel to be crazy🤪. It’s actually a trip to heaven but a comeback trip😂. And yes.. this reminds me of atom bombs of Kolkata too.

It’s very easy recipe and you can curtail if using store bought roshogullas. But as my friends and near and dear one says that I make perfect roshogullas, so made them at home.. both sugar and jaggery infused. Rabri too and finally baked. Authentic rabri you cannot get in local shops.

Roshugulla if you want to prepare.. here’s d link….

I love baking and finds it my stress buster too and while baking this I felt twinkling heart of mine💖. You can have this hot or cold.. no worries.. at any state you will be ecstatic and feel numb🤪 simultaneously😝.

Rabri which you prepare to elope your roshogullas, should be thick enough as shown in the picture. That’s the main thing of this dish and elongated baking time too gives the earthy texture and smell to this dessert. What I did is just took out 2 cups of condensed milk which was in semi rabri state and then condensed the remaining milk until very thick. I did this because I wanted gud time for my roshogullas to be baked in that semi rabri. But if you are using complete rabri, then your baking time will lessen. So just keep eyes while baking with full one type of rabri you chose because then baking time will be lesser.

Let’s come to the recipe.



1 ltr of Rabri.. I took 2 ltrs of full cream milk and condensed it to 1 ltr

18 pcs of big sized roshogullas… totally squeezed off of the syrup

Few chopped nuts as I used cashews and pistachios and dried rose petals and waraqh for embezzling.


Preheat oven at 200°c for 10 minutes.

Take a baking dish of rectangular or square shape.

Pour the semi rabri into it.

Place roshogullas and arrange.

Pour the final rabri on top and sprinkle only chopped cashews.

Now bake at 200° c for first 25 minutes.

As you can see browning on top, just take a foil and cover the dish completely.

Now bake for 20 minutes more.

Switch off the oven and take the dish out.

Get ready for your trip😁😋😋😋.

I had one when it was just taken out of the oven. I seriously stamped my feet. Mind blasting it was.

Just now had one from the refrigerator and got mute and numb😝😝😝.

Enjoy friends…🤗


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